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Pine Tree Council's Program for Boy Scouts include Traditional Camping at Camp Hinds, Adventure Tracks at Camp Bomazeen, and High Adventure Treks departing from Hinds and Bomazeen throughout the summer. Scouts attend with their Troop or Provisionally.

Traditional Camping

Traditional Camping at Camp William Hinds carries the tradition of delivering a once-in-a-lifetime experience each week of the summer, bringing diverse program with something to challenge Scouts of every age and interest.

First year Scouts (who have just crossed-over) may begin their Boy Scouting career with our Polaris program, introducing the new Scout to Boy Scout skills and to work on advancement requirements spanning Tenderfoot to First Class ranks. Scouts earn their first Merit Badge, enjoy an ice cream social, overnight, and hike up scenic Rattlesnake Mountain!

For returning Scouts, our Traditional Camping program enables Scouts to pursue a range of Merit Badges, work the Patrol Method with their Unit, and develop advanced Scouting skills.

Older boys are provided special opportunities which align to their experience and ability levels:

  • COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) uses teamwork and advanced leadership skills in a High Adventure setting on our high ropes course.
  • Scouts learn safety and competitive shooting in our Pistol Program.
  • Scouts learn safe operation and care for motorized watercraft in our Motorboating Merit Badge.
  • Eagle-required Merit Badges and guidance for prospective Eagle Scouts are available through our Trail-to-Eagle program.
  • SCUBA and BSA Lifeguard program keeps Scouts on or below the waves all week.
  • The Scout that serves as the exemplar, guiding and leading younger Scouts, is a perfect fit for our CIT (Counselor In Training) program. In this three-week program, a Scout attends a week of camp program as part of a provisional CIT Troop, works to master new skills while learning to teach younger Scouts, and completes a week of internship and mentoring with the Camp Hinds staff. This is a great opportunity for aspiring staffers and an amazing value for three weeks at camp.
  • High Adventure Treks are a perfect challenge for the older Scout who wants to take the Summer Camp experience to the next level. See below for information on High Adventure Treks.

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Traditional Camping typically is attended by many Scouts and the adult leaders of the Troop. If your Troop isn't attending Camp Hinds this year, you don't need to miss out. See information on Provisional Camping, below.

Medical and program forms, and the Camp Hinds Leader Guide (including the packing list), are available in the Attachments section of the registration page. Questions may be directed to Camp Hinds Director Jack Waite, Jr.

Adventure Tracks (Bomazeen)

Bomazeen has an authenticity you can't find elsewhere. After years without Boy Scout resident camping, volunteer-led Pine Tree Council has brought it back. And just as Hinds and Bomazeen are very different places, Hinds a well-curated home of traditional camping program and Bomazeen a caretaker of the spirit of volunteer-led Scouting, the new program at Bomazeen is truly something special.

Bomazeen's Adventure-based program provides topical specialty tracks rather than an a la carte selection of program. Scouts camp with their Unit or Provisionally (see below), but spend the week Scouting around with folks in the same track. An opportunity for Scouting fellowship, individual growth, and classic Scouting adventure at one of Pine Tree Council's volunteer-supported and continuously-improved camps.

Programs include:

  • Nechemis welcomes our young brothers who have just crossed-over to Boy Scouting.
  • Trades sets us on a path to becoming an electrician, plumber, home repairman or welder by working with licensed contractors.
  • For Aquatics, Scouts spend the week near, on, and in the water.
  • Eagles don't fly a desk. Megeso guides older Scouts on the trail to Eagle not in a classroom but from the field.
  • Margaret Chase Smith once said, "Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation." Our Public Service program prepares Scouts to lead locally and on the world stage.
  • Surviving in the Maine Woods will help you not only survive but thrive.
  • Still photos, animation and short format filmmaking await in Cinematography.
  • In Shooting Sports Adventure, participants will work with BB guns, air pellet guns, .22LR rimfire rifles, shotguns, bow and arrow, and (where age requirement is met) black powder.
  • Will you found the next startup? STEM provides an opportunity for hands-on experience with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.
  • The Frontiersman progressive program offers four successive years to build your bushcraft skills, fabricating your own gear, and learning historical practices.
  • The Maine Woodsman and Junior Maine Guide progressive program gives Scouts an immersive opportunity to develop their field skills (map and compass, camping, cooking, canoeing, trip planning, Leave No Trace) earning first the Maine Woodsman, then developing true mastery through the Junior Maine Guide program with search and rescue, fishing, conservation and additional outdoor training.
  • High Adventure Treks are a perfect challenge for the older Scout who wants to take the Summer Camp experience to the next level. See below for information on High Adventure Treks.

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High Adventure Treks

New for 2017, Pine Tree Council is offering a range of high adventure activities designed for older Scouts, each centered around a 50-mile backcountry experience. Participants should prepare for and expect a physically-challenging, rewarding, and exciting week.

Departing from Camp Bomazeen:

Departing from Camp Hinds:

Also departing from Camp Hinds, weekend adventures:

Provisional Campers

Not all Scout Troops are able to attend summer camp together. Not all Scouts are able to attend the week their Troop is at camp. Not all Scouts choose to attend just one week of summer camp. We have a solution for these challenges: Provisional Camping.

As a Provisional Camper, your Scout may attend camp under the leadership of a qualified Camp-supplied trained Scoutmaster and assistants. This is a great way for boys to spend an extra week at camp.

If your son is going to be attending Camp Bomazeen with the Provisional Scout Troop, he will be greeted by a member of the camp staff upon arrival and will be introduced to other members of the Provisional unit.

Provisional Campers at Camp Hinds join other Scouts from throughout Maine and outside Maine as part of Troop H at the Wilderness campsite. Provisional Campers participate in the same camp activities as Scouts attending with their own home Troop, but have the added excitement of meeting and making new Scout friends from other places. Troop H is organized as a Troop and participates as a group in camp activities -- hikes, games, campfires and competitions -- but also activities available only to provisional campers.

Late-Season Programs at Camp Hinds

Many Scouts are eager to get back to camp after the summer season is over. Camp Hinds offers a number of fantastic camping programs during the off season:

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